Dati personali

Work experience
Dates Since October 2005 until now
Name and address of employer TECHNIP ITALY S.p.A. – 68, Viale Castello della Magliana, 00148 – Rome
Type of business or sector TECHNIP is one of the most integrated group providing engineering, technologies & construction services to the oil / gas and petrochemical industry worldwide; its activities cover off/onshore field development, gas processing and liquefaction, refining, onshore pipelines and petrochemicals.
Occupation or position held Project Expediter / Document Controller for Khursaniyah Gas Plant - client SAUDI ARAMCO (KSA).
Main activities and responsibilities Expediting engineering designs, technical documentation and certified drawings to vendors and to internal specialists, in order to respect the scheduled delivery dates of the documents, considered as fulfilment of the relevant Purchase Order. Translating technical Project documentation en<>it and progress report en>it (sectors: petrochemical, Engineering).
Dates April - October 2005
Name and address of employer JOHNSON & JOHNSON MEDICAL S.p.A. – 56, Via del Mare, 00040 – Pratica di Mare - Rome
Type of business or sector J&J is a leading worldwide family of companies, marketing health care products serving a broad segment of medical needs.
Occupation or position held Administrative Assistant in the Ethicon Endo Surgery Department / Office Manager in the European Co-Invention Team.
Main activities and responsibilities Maintaining and developing relationships with world-renowned surgeons by assisting a group of engineers, who are planning brand new products to be launched into trade, at all stages of the invention cycle for the comprehensive product range of minimally invasive surgery. Translating of:
  • Literature for scientific sales promotion (innovative surgical technique) - en > it.
  • Leaflet, brochure and poster advertising - final target: surgeons - en>it/de/fr of:
  • Brand new products specifications and presentations for company promoters and Product Specialists - en<>it.
Dates September 2003 – April 2005
Name and address of employer GERMANISCHER LLOYD Offshore and Industrial Services (GL O Italy S.r.l., Branch of Main German Group) – 10, Via A. Segni, 00043 Ciampino - Rome
Type of business or sector As leading classification and service-oriented company operating worldwide, it supervises and improves safety & quality on behalf of maritime and industrial customers, mainly for ships, maritime and industrial installations.
Occupation or position held Inspection Coordinator
Main activities and responsibilities I worked for GERMANISCHER LLOYD as Team Leader for “International Pre Shipment Inspections“- Dept. IRAN. My main duties included:

Led the team work consisting of 5/7 people, assigning tasks, monitoring operating results.

As Inspection Coordinator, my work covered a wide spectrum of issuances, managing International files towards Iranian section Letters of Credit; negotiating contracts with inspectors; editing and sending official offers to the clients. Arranging of Industrial & Final Inspections all over the world; checking technical documentation; editing and issuing Inspection Certificates.

In addition to project duties, I was involved in many internal activities such as:

  • Selecting and Recruiting / Training;
  • Translations of: Board minutes, en<>it; technical and commercial documentation coming from the Head Office (industry sector: metallurgy) and from every client, en/de<>it; Technical and Commercial Documentation with AGIP KCO, en<>it.

In January 2005 I attended a Business Training Course on Quality System.

June - August 2003
Name and address of employer AVEC S.r.l. – 38, Via Viminale, 00184 Rome
Type of business or sector Tour operator arranging study-holiday in Europe
Occupation or position held Coordinator
Main activities and responsibilities Coordination of entertainment activities (culture, amusement and sport) for groups consisting of about 200 INPDAP students on study-holidays for College “De la Salle Schule” in Vienna.
Dates April - May 2003
Name and address of employer KAOMA S.r.l. – 72, Via I. Pettinengo, 00159 Rome
Type of business or sector Web content company
Occupation or position held Content Manager
Main activities and responsibilities I translated the whole NOKIA Internet site en<>it (sector: mobile phone & technology).

Education and training
• Dates November 2004-March 2005
• Name and type of organization “Maximum Trainers Training” (M.T.T.) directed by / with Max Formisano
• Principal subjects skills covered Master Degree in Human Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with issuance of final Project Work 8
• Title of qualification awarded Specialization post –graduation
• Dates November 1997– December 2002
• Name and type of organization University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Faculty of Foreign Languages
• Principal subjects skills covered German and English Language, Literature, Linguistics and History
• Title of qualification awarded University Degree in Foreign Literature and Languages (four years) releasing Magna Cum Laude 110/110, Thesis argument 8
• Dates 1991 – 1996
• Name and type of organization Secondary School of Tourism “Marco Polo” in Rome
• Principal subjects skills covered English, German and French Language with an inside look at professional competences and careers in tourism (Tourist geography, marketing, travel agency and business administration).
Title of qualification awarded Upper Secondary School releasing 60/60
Personal skills & competences Excellent knowledge of: Microsoft Windows – Word – Excel – PowerPoint Internet (MS Explorer) MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes
Languages ITALIAN: mother tongue
Reading / writing / verbal skills ENGLISH: excellent & working experience, GERMAN: excellent & working experience, FRENCH good


  • 2003 I worked in Vienna (A) for 3 months;
  • 2001 As Erasmus student I studied at the University in Augsburg (DE) for 6 months, attending a lot of Intensive German Language Courses.
  • 1999 In Dublin I attended an Intensive English Language Course at Upper Intermediate Level.
  • 1995 In Grenoble, attending a French Language, Literature and Civilization Course at University.
Social skills

& competences

    • I used to working in a team environment as a value-added member, demonstrating excellent relational skills and flexibility.
    • I have been working with foreign clients & suppliers for a long time, in Italy and abroad, in multicultural environments, giving me excellent communication skills. I think I have a strong multinational culture, formed through extensive travel and working.
I am a Teacher of Italian, German, English, French Languages.
Organizational skills

& competences

I have a strong administration background and as Project Expediter I used to working with expected deadlines, with very famous clients/vendors, improving my usual problem-solving capacity with a more and more collaborative spirit. This experience showed me I have the ability to become autonomous very soon in managing my own work. I welcome any challenge given to me and the occasion to use my initiative on tasks and projects I undertake. I have significant willingness to learn, applying knowledge and adaptability. I am internationally-minded, self-motivated and results-oriented. In J&J I demonstrate I have a remarkable organizational sense with a high level of confidentiality and effective time management skills, improving my ability to set priorities. Such experience developed my ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time under pressure.
Driving licence(s) Yes “B”, own car
Additional information Travelling. I travelled almost all over Europe and my other great love is writing short-stories for kids.