Persoanal Data

Telephone numbers: mobile +393475897968

Educational background

· I graduated in July in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Lecce. The title of my thesis was: words of war in the language of blogs, linguistic analysis based on a corpus of blogs of 2004. This work allowed me to discover the way in which bloggers talk about war. This was possible thanks to the advantages of a machine-readable corpus, a collection of texts writen by five different bloggers during 2004 which I put together. The final mark was 104/110.
· I attended for five years the Liceo Scientifico. I finished in 1999 with the mark of 95/110. I studied many subjects, going from mathematics and physics, to Latin and Italian literatures, from English and French (language and literature), philosophy and history, to chemistry, astronomic geography, biology.

Foreign languages knowledge

I studied this language for eight yers at school and at University. In June 2004 I took the Certificate in Advanced English (Level C1).
As far as reading and writing are concerned I can understand complex opinions and arguments as expressed in serious newspapers, scan texts for relevant information, write letters, reports and pieces of work in general.
As far as listening and speaking are concerned I can contribute effectively to meetings and seminars, keep up conversations of a casual nature for an extended period of time, follow discussion and argument, cope with many expressions.
Finally I can translate from English into Italian and vice versa many types of texts

I studied this language for three years at University. I can understand the meaning of different kinds of texts, going from articles in newspapers to literary extracts. I can translate fron German into Italian and vice versa texts belonging to different types. I have a fairly good ability to participate to conversations.

I studied this language for eight yers at school. I can understand different kinds of texts.

Computer Knowledge

I can write a text through Word and OpenOffice, make graphs through Excel, control the mail and surf the internet.

Other activities

During the years at University I attended some courses. In particular I attended for three months a course where we learnt the basic information to create a firm in the touristic field, such as laws, business plan, different kinds of structures.
Then I attended a course called Memotraining where we learnt different methods to memorize names, numbers, texts, foreign words, images, and the method of speedreading, and a course called Believe and Achieve, in which it was taught us the importance of negative and positive believes and a way to change them.
I attended singing lessons for six months and participated to a local festival organized by the school.
Finally I learnt first-aid tecniques at the Protezione Civile.
I had experiences of voluntary work: I organized together with another person the activities for young people in the Catholic Action, I have been for many years a member of the parish choir. I took part as an actress in a commedy.